Agen sbobet casino may offer you endless choices of casino games site throughout the world and you can choose Dragon Tiger to try since beginners love it.


The Odds and Return Rate of Dragon Tiger


Now, this is the time for something online. You can do anything using the advanced online technology so you can access the sbobet site and play. When you want to get more experience of online casino, then you need to find the live casino section so you can play the game by seeing the dealer directly face to face just like the real game in the land-based casino. When you access the live casino section, you may find the great variations of the game played in the real time.


How to Play Dragon Tiger?


What you will find on the sbobet site is not different from the land-based casino and perhaps, you may find more titles of the game that in the land-based casino. If you want something easier to play but it offers the thrill so some reasons, then you can choose Dragon Tiger. You can also choose this game in live version. When you look at it, you may realize that Dragon Tiger is basically similar to the game of Baccarat and it may appeal to players how have placed this game before previously.


In this game, the players just need to choose whether they want to bet on Dragon side or the Tiger Side on the game. To make Dragon Tiger most interesting especially for beginners to try, you can find the rewards inside and also the alternative bets which can be placed on the game simply. To play Dragon Tiger, you need around 8 decks of cards and it is quite so many. Meanwhile, the Ace in the card will be counted as low card. All players have to place the bets before the cards are dealt.


The betting options in agen sbobet casino may include Dragon or Tiger side, the tie, Dragon or Tiger Big, Small and also Suit. The very nice thing you can get from this game is when the players choose Dragon or Tiger side only and there is the tie on the game. Players will accept 50% of the return of the bet. In some games, you are considered losing the game even when you tie with the dealer. That is why, many people like “tie” in this game because they can get the fairness of the bet they have placed.


The Return Possibility of Dragon Tiger


Though this game is quite the same as Baccarat, you still find the major differences here and there especially in the payout in gambling online. Dragon Tiger game may offer the even money payoff while the Tie bet may offer the higher result with 8:1 of the return. It means, when tie really happens on the game accidentally, you can get more returns than betting one Dragon or Tiger side alone. Meanwhile, the Dragon Tiger Big and also Small games are different from the single game without Big or Small.


Those games may offer your the even money too and the Dragon Tiger Suit will offer you higher return in 3:1 of the payout. Another thing you need to know from this game is you only use one card to play Dragon and Tiger since beginning until the end of the game. There will be no additional card needed and this is like a Sudden Death game or casino war. It means, you need to guess based on luck the face down card and place your bet. Once dealer opens it, you know the result right away.


This game is basically popular in the land of China. When you play this game with live version, then you may have the perfect chance to at least understand what other players hold. Sometimes, it is also impossible for you to track the suits or even the big and small hands that have been placed and played for so long. What makes this game interesting and perfect is because it is easy for anybody to learn it. You don’t have to use the special skill at all since this game doesn’t require certain skill.


You just need to enjoy the game and don’t think about it at all. Dragon Tiger in sbobet site uses Random Number Generator so you need to have the chances for employing the strategies to avoid loss. You can also hope for the wins but it is better to expect the worst than expect the best thing. Play the game easily and you can do it again more and more once after you master the game, know the rules and also know how much you can make from it. This is the luck based game so you need to guess it right so you don’t waste any money.